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Our Ministry …

We are an independent group of non-sectarian believers working together in harmony to thankfully propagate an honest, positive, and unbiased message of hope, love, and peace based on the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are not yet another Church or denomination, rather we are a secular ministry that proclaims the word of God in a non-traditional way. Making disciples for Jesus everywhere.

We respect every individual person and never discriminate based on beliefs, religion, gender, orientation, ethnicity, colour, race, national or social background.

Our main role is to assist people in receiving the hope of salvation and eternal life, by refuting evil and understanding the word of God, thus preparing them for our Lord’s second coming.

We pray and hope to help in bringing together all those who believe in Jesus’ Salvation as one blessed congregation of God, a unified victorious blessed church, as a single united body of Christ.

As an independent non-sectarian ministry, we are not affiliated with any group or denomination.

We solely belong to our Saviour Jesus Christ Son of the Living God most high.

Everyone is welcomed to join, we love and accept all, since God is for All.