Icons and statues

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©2013 by George Yazigi

Throughout the ages many traditions have been integrated into the Christian practice. But are these traditions part of what the Bible is teachings?

Should we allow Icons, relics, statues, and images in our Christian practice?

God is very clear about this in [Exodus 20:4]. God’s congregation “Christians” shall not make any images, icons, relics, and statues of any sort!
Some would argue, that such images would help the believers to be closer to God, to those Jesus was very clear in [Luke 9:23] “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me”, therefore to get closer to God, imagery may not help, you should instead hold your Cross and follow Jesus. Others would argue that imagery is like reading a book, especially for those illiterate who cannot read the bible, to those the bible is clear in [2 Timothy 3:16] the Bible only is good for teaching, correction, instruction, and reproofing not images and icons! Unless we can prove that such images were painted by instructions of the Holy Spirit. For this we have no record in which the Holy Spirit has inspired or asked the artist to draw an image or grave a statue, however we have at least 66 canonical books that were inspired and written by direct instruction of the Holy Spirit.

As Christians we shall venerate anything that is related to our Creator and Saviour especially to remember the cross and crucifixion, the act of salvation, as a proof that God had saved us, however our relationship with the Godhead should only be through our saviour and creator Jesus Christ [1 Timothy 2:5]. All other imagery, statues, and interceding would be part of traditions/heritage and should not be part of our worship to God Almighty.

Therefore, in order for us to be on the safe side and avoid falling into idolatry, we need to observe [Exodus 20:4], as guidance from God Himself to sustain our salvation in the Holy Christ.