The Real Fear

Reading Time: 2 minutes

© 2021 by George Yazigi

People who fear Covid19, Wars, Famines, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and other calamities, are ultimately fearing death because they feel it closer than they would have expected.

But those same people, are forgetting that, due to Sin, all people are born with a dysfunctional and desolate spirit, practically dead. And when they physically die, their body will join their dead spirit in the agony of eternal death and damnation after being resurrected to stand Judgement and Condemnation before the Judgement Seat of Christ.

I am not suggesting that people should not take all the necessary measures to protect themselves and others from the abovementioned calamities.

But the idea is that people without Believing and Trusting in Jesus, Repenting to Him and Obeying His teaching, cannot be born again of the Spirit. They cannot have a regenerate heart that loves Christ and the Neighbour.

Therefore their fear regarding visible things may not be reasonably justified because any person who does not accept Jesus as LORD and Saviour should be genuinely fearing eternal death irrespective of any visible circumstances or threats.

Jesus alone can forgive, cleanse and purify people of their Sins if they Believe and Trust in Jesus, Repent to, and Obey Him.

Sin remains a Sin irrespective of how it manifested using which theme or according to which context. The lamentable pitfall is when people try to legalise or justify Sin, especially by using pretexts that beautify Sin and make it very attractive, and much easier to accept or adopt.

There is no Sin that Jesus cannot forgive. However, all people must be careful not to fall in the unforgivable Sin, which is to deny the righteousness of the Holy Spirit, and attribute His pioneering work to the evil one.

In other words, it is unforgivable to reject, twist or misrepresent the work of the Holy Spirit [directly or through Christ] in the world.

To resist the conviction of the Holy Spirit and remain unrepentant is also unforgivable. Forgiveness is found exclusively in Jesus, to reject the only Saviour is to be left with no means of salvation. To persistently reject the only pardon and forgiveness is, obviously unpardonable and would eventually lead to living eternally without reconciliation with God and practically without Jesus, without The Way, The Truth, and The Life.