My Happiness

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My Happiness is an initiative that has started to deliver a message of Love, Peace, and Happiness to all those who seek to establish internal peace. You can register for free to start benefiting from this service!

In order to achieve this we focus on the following themes:

  1. You are not alone
    People with problems are not alone, most people have different types of problems, and they need to start thinking that the the most powerful force [Romans 8:31] in the universe is already waiting to support and protect them, all it takes is to believe in the originator of this force: Jesus Christ.
  2. Defeat Fear
    Fear is not a solution to our problems, defeat the fear in you by believing that the Creator of the universe (Jesus Christ) is your friend, and He is always ready to help.
  3. New Thinking
    We need new thinking to solve our problems, this new thinking should be based on facts, reasoning, and thinking outside the box in a holistic manner. But new thinking without Jesus Christ will not work, we need His light to help us understand and His love to solve our problems.
  4. Family Life
    Family life is the best environment where you can take refuge to solve all your problems.
  5. We need Help
    It is not wrong to ask for help! No matter how powerful we are, and how independent we become, we cannot sustain our spiritual life without our creator. We need to establish powerful links, dialogue, and personal relationship with the originator of our life.