God’s Grace

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©2014 by George Yazigi


A friend of mine was complaining about God and asked: since God is the creator of everything, so He must have created evil?
The question was startling, I tried to find a short answer but couldn’t, however, I asked her to briefly define the following:
Cold? She answered lack of heat.
Darkness? She answered lack of light.
By analogy, I have reason to believe that evil is the lack of Good or God’s Grace (when we decide not to accept it)! And therefore God did not create evil!
Then she asked if God did not create evil, why therefore he allows it to happen?
God allows evil to occur due to 1 simple reason:
– God doesn’t dictate his creatures’ behaviour, therefore he respects our liberties and our freedom of choice.
However, God always offers protection and a prepared time-bound backup plan to increase and multiply his grace and blessings should evil occurs. Yet we have to accept God’s plans in order for us to benefit from such protection and Grace.

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Adapted from St. Augustine