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©2014 by George Yazigi

Sin is simply going against the teaching (law) and commandments of God.

The laws of God are simply comparable to the laws of physics or nature!
If you touch an electrical wire you get electrocuted. By touching a live electrical wire, you are violating the laws of nature (physics), that whoever obstructs the flow of electrons would absorb that flow and get electrocuted, based on what type of frequency, intensity, and power which is running in that wire. Your body is not made to absorb such energy or electron flow, therefore you are bound to suffer such violations.

Similarly if we violate (sin) the moral principles designed by God, we violate God’s physical laws, therefore God’s breath (grace given by His Holy Spirit) that was initially passed to us upon the initial creation act, starts withdrawing, and because our design is based on God’s continuous spiritual support, when His Spirit withdraws from our existence our spiritual death occurs, and our bodies start dying
through the ageing process culminating in physical death.

Therefore the wages of sin (violation of God’s principles) is death [Romans 6:23].
This is what happened to Adam & Eve, when they violated God’s laws. And by simple genetics they made every human being inherit their sin, because we all were inside them and contributed to what they did without us being able to decide independently. The opposite is also true, should Adam & Eve continued to be obedient to God’s laws, they would have passed eternal life genetically to us (their offsprings).

However, if we repent to God, and sin no more, and truly believe and declare that Jesus Christ has saved us [John 6:35-59 and John 11:25-27], [Rom 10:9-13 and Acts 4:10-12], by taking on our sins, and giving us new everlasting life. The violation of God’s principles will be erased, and we will be reconciled with God the Father, and regain our place as beloved children of God.