Holy Bible

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We believe that the Authorised King James Version (AV) is the accurate and proper English translation we should use.
Despite the fact that it has a legacy of “middle-old English” words such “Thee, Thou, Art, …” we strongly believe that this version delivers the contents that more than 5700 Manuscripts of the New Testament had. All these Manuscripts were in agreement and inline with the doctrinal teaching of our Saviour.

Several other versions relied on two additional variants the Codex Vaticanus, and Codex Sinaiticus. Upon investigation these two Codices although they seem to be a bit older than the Majority text, they are flowed and contain several contradictions. Besides, they do not accurately represent the doctrinal teaching of our Saviour the Son of the Living God most high.  The good question is: If these 2 Codices (Vaticanus and Sinaiticus) where the correct ones that should be used, why there are more than 3000 clear contradictions and differences between them?


We use the KJV (AV) based on our conviction that it is the best preserved translation of the original and true Manuscripts.
God’s wisdom was to preserve His Holy Word through copying the original autographs without allowing those autographs be controlled by one person or entity. Just to make sure that such control would not allow the controllers to corrupt the Word of God by making unauthorised changes without us knowing, hence the need for multiple Manuscripts.

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