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©2014 by George Yazigi

It is not easy nor conceivable that the very powerful true and unique Almighty God of the old testament has visited earth again but now in human form. That is why we need new minds and thinking to understand. Because if we try to analyse this using the same old minds that made us sin against God, we cannot reach a verdict. Our source of reasoning would be relying only on the Holy Bible, praying that God opens up our new minds to new understanding. Here is what the Bible tells us about the great “I AM” or in biblical Hebrew “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh”:

Jesus Christ identified Himself as “I AM” 23 times in the canonical gospels, here are the main highlights according to John:

  1. [John 8:24] states that: “Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I Am He, you will die in your sins.” This is a clear declaration that believing in Jesus Christ is the key to a new life, because our sins can never be removed without this belief, otherwise we just die.
  2. Jesus Christ was the first and only person to claim that He is the life giver in [John 6:51] by proclaiming that ” I Am the bread of life …”. Being the exclusive source of life is a critical point in everyone existence, how can a person be a source of life unless He is of a special nature?
  3. In [John 8:12] Jesus declares Himself  “I Am the light of the world”, it means he is the  exclusive source of light by specifying the “I” and the “Am”. [Isaiah 60:19] describes God Almighty as the source of light “the LORD will be to you an everlasting light, and your God your glory”, therefore Jesus declaring Himself the exclusive source of light, is telling us that he is God Almighty. Also in [Isaiah 49:6] there is a reference to Jesus being the light of the nations.
  4. [John 10:9] Jesus declares Himself as the door to the salvation and life. Again He makes an exclusive claim as being the only door to salvation. Therefore only through Jesus Christ that people must enter the door leading to eternal life and salvation.
  5. [John 10:11] here Jesus declares Himself the only good shepherd, linked to [Psalm 23:1] in which David is praising God Almighty for being his shepherd. Also in [Hebrews 13:20-21] Jesus is called the Great Shepherd. In [Micah 5:2] Jesus is also described and the “shepherd that will rule my people”.
  6. [John 11:25] Jesus declares Himself as the resurrection and life, it is a reinforcement to [John 6:51] indicating that He is “the everlasting life” when He adds the resurrection factor in order to make the life He gives everlasting. Because He has the power to control life as it appears in [John 10:17-18], even to control His own life and resurrection, as well as our resurrection.
  7. [John 14:6] is one of the most important declarations in which Jesus is literally telling us that without Him we cannot understand God’s nature. He is the Way, Truth, and Life, so no matter how we struggle to understand and reach to the Godhead, we will not be able to, as it is only through Jesus Christ that our Salvation is granted, and we can never understand the Godhead without observing and understanding Jesus. He is the Way because in His death he reconciled mankind with God, and He also established the new covenant with His holy blood. In His resurrection He fulfilled His promises of Salvation and proved that He can overcome death, therefore neutralising our sins. He opened the way for us to experience His glory. And linked us with the promise of everlasting life should we believe in Him. He is the Truth, because He speaks and does of what the Father speaks, so He is the absolute representation of the Father. Whatever He has said, He has done in absolute sincerity. He is the Truth incarnate, being the full revelation of the Word of God in the flesh [John 1:1]. He is also the Life and Resurrection because He has life in Himself, and power to give life similarly to the Father as shown in [John 5:21].
  8. [John 15:1] Jesus declares Himself to be the true vine, this is very important because this confirms God’s promise to Abraham as shown in [Genesis 12:2-3]:
    Jesus is the BRANCH [Zechariah 6:12-13] of the already planted vineyard (Israel) from which a new congregation of God will evolve (Christianity). He is the one who will build the true Temple of God, His body, as shown in [John 2:19], this new Temple (His holy body) will be the dwelling of God as shown in [Colossians 2:9]. Because “vine will be burned in fire” [Psalm 80:14-17] symbolising the judgement of “Israel” since they did not follow God’s teaching. Jesus is the true Vine who obeyed God until death to sanctify humans and reconcile them with God. Therefore Jesus replaces God’s nation “Israel”, as He was the true vine able to start a new nation of God’s remnants [Isaiah 10:20] which is the true vineyard, the church of Jesus Christ.