How to become truly rich?

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©2017 by George Yazigi

All people are born equal and they die equal too! They are born “without a thing” and ironically no matter what they do during their lives, they die “without a thing”, they take nothing with them to the grave!

An opportunist would say let me take advantage of life and live to the maximum while I can!

Well, nobody is suggesting that one shouldn’t live to the max, but it all depends on what this maximum is going to offer!

This maximum should be able to give you the best outcomes in all respects, not only in those things which are experienced with your physical senses but also in those things which are invisible to you and could only be experienced with your spirit.

Our future should not be limited to just the first 100 years or so of our life, therefore this “live to the max” should also cater to ensure our perpetual continuity throughout eternity!

The real question is: what is 80, 90, or even 100 years when compared with eternity?

Is it worth to lose all eternity in exchange of “living to the max” for a few years on earth in a broken world?

Jesus said: “25For what is a man profited, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away? 26For whosoever shall be ashamed of Me and of My words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when He shall come in His own glory, and in His Father‘s, and of the holy angels.” [Luke 9:25-26]

For us humans, the key to reaching eternity is not to lose our soul through spiritual death, this is only achieved by being reconciled with God Almighty and to start living in unity with Him. However, throughout history, this was impossible to be achieved no matter what people have tried, even those who were living according to the Mosaic Law. In the fullness of time, God granted us a new grace to get this reconciliation, unity, and salvation, by just believing in Jesus Christ and by following His teaching.

Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ will have the assurance that their spirit will not die after their physical death!

Instead, their spirit will be sleeping in Christ waiting to be resurrected in a glorified body upon Jesus return to Earth.

Whereas those who did not believe in Christ, if they died before Jesus return, will be raised to be condemned.

Imagine how simple and easy for someone to be saved from the sting of Sin and Death, gain eternal life, and live forever with Christ! It all requires that spark of faith in Jesus Christ, however it may appear simple, in fact, all our destiny is centered around this little spark of faith which makes every believer in Christ truly rich. When we put our faith in Jesus we admit our sins, ask forgiveness and repent, we become truly elected by God Himself to inherit His Kingdom and become reconciled with our Creator, ready to live forever with Christ. This gives us a lot of potentials, to develop our life after our physical death and discover new endeavors in eternity.

Eternity, due to Christ’s Cross and Resurrection, is not anymore unreachable! I invite every believer in Christ to start feeling how exciting it is to live there with Christ. To be able to learn how God exists, how He created the universe and us are just the tip of the iceberg!!!

For every Christian, Eternity should be a concrete and achievable long term project, the only investment in this project is a spark of faith in Jesus Christ, by all means, it is the only project which has the highest return on investment if we wanted to talk in terms of profit and loss. And it is the only project which makes us rich forever with unlimited growth potential.

In your daily life: in case you have two options one is negative and the other is positive, which one would you select? Without hesitation, I’d reckon you would go for the positive one. In case you have a risky option and an option offering peace of mind, which one would you select, again the one, which gives peace of mind, I assume. Now if you have to make an easy decision or a hard decision, which one you would you tend to make? Still, I am sure you would go for the easy decision.

Now, if you have a beautiful positive solution offering total peace of mind for your future, would you select it or would you select something negative or risky? Simple logic would suggest selecting the beautiful positive and non-risky solution!!

Jesus Christ has offered humanity a golden opportunity to have this beautiful positive solution, offering us total peace of mind throughout eternity, shouldn’t we accept this offer and just start benefitting of this wonderful grace?

Another question may arise, what makes you so sure about the existence of such a beautiful and positive solution?

The answer would be: it is mathematically impossible in any system that an option to existing without its opposite, so if we have seen and experienced the bad options such as Sin, hatred, and Death to name a few… Mathematically there should exist an opposite option or a solution which makes us experience life, peace, and love, and this is exactly what Jesus Christ is offering us: peace of mind, love and beautiful eternal life, where Sin and Death no longer exist!

The other question is, would this beautiful option be unique? I.e. is Jesus Christ the only provider of such option or do we have a consortium of providers all leading to God? I dare to say that such an option is only available through Jesus Christ! And that is due to several reasons, but mainly because Physically two opposing forces cannot coexist or be generated from the same source! Otherwise, they self-neutralize or self-destroy! This suggests that what was proposed by Christ was originating from a unique source of power and might.

Throughout history, there has never been a single proposal (or force), which gave this level and quality of a positive solution to all our problems! Again the one who offers the higher standard is relatively better than the other one offering a lesser standard. Jesus offered all His proposal based on the highest standards. He died for us to live; throughout history, no one did that! He came to earth, putting aside His glory and might just for us to be empowered with His humanity in as much as His deity. He never contradicted Himself or the Father; He was the unique example of utmost Holiness, meekness, love, and modesty. Besides, His proposal was unique, no one throughout history had suggested saving one person, Jesus saved all humanity!  Jesus had never asked a single thing for Himself, He was always referring the glory to the father. Despite His deity, He was denying Himself; no person in History has denied himself in that way! The highest standard of morality and love offered by Jesus was unique; He offers His life to help His loved ones. So however you try to find weak points in God’s salvation plan, you will never be able to debunk or refute the proposal which Jesus Christ alone can offer.

So may I invite you to ignite this spark of faith in your heart today and accept Jesus Christ as your savior and believe in Him and start following His teaching in your daily life?

Rest assured that you would start benefitting of Jesus salvation plan immediately the moment you believe!!! So that you can start thinking of Eternity as a concrete reality and start planning your projects to live Eternity with our Lord and King to the maximum, and become truly rich?

May the blessings be multiplied to you all.