Is nCov19 pre-announcing Biblical events?

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©2020 by George Yazigi

The apostles were eagerly waiting for the bodily return of Jesus Christ. Even Paul was under the impression that Jesus’ return will take place in his lifetime.

Jesus has hidden this knowledge from us all for 3 reasons:

1- Protection of our Faith

2- He is preparing our “mansions” in Heaven, a good time will have to pass to call all the born-of-the-Spirit Church into Faith

3- Not to give any clues to the evil one about Jesus Plans

When the disciples asked Jesus about end times, He likened the process to birth pains [Matthew 24:8]. In another translation, it is “the beginning of sorrows”. Birth pains do not happen at once, they happen progressively with increasing frequency.

Is nCov19 a sign of birth pains?

The short answer is yes. It fits in the framework Jesus has defined in Matthew 24 and Luke 21, and as a precursor to Revelation 6. However, it is not part of Revelation 6 events.

Do we know when Jesus will return? 

The direct answer is no. And we should not delve into the pitfalls of setting dates and times!

Our Faith in Jesus should be enough for us to trust Him and rely on Him without the need for setting dates about His return.

However, we can understand the signs of His return, and what we are experiencing worldwide fits in the “pre-orchestration” events of His expected return.

Is nCov19 a Judgement from God?

The short answer is yes.

God is all-powerful, sovereign and in control. However, He allows things to happen for His Glory and His Plans. Deuteronomy 28:15,22,27-28 verses are clear examples of what could nCov19 be.

Another possibility is that nCov19 is an orchestrated attack from the evil one with or without collaboration from humans who are under his influence. However, God Almighty allows these events and the “evil one” attacks for God’s Glory and fulfillment of His Plans. This would open up the argumentation as to whether nCov19 is a conspiracy or not. Irrespective of the answer, we have to rest assured that God is always in control of all things and all events in History are ordained for His Glory whether directly or indirectly. Without Him authoring harmful events or causing harm. Nonetheless, sometimes similar events fall under His actions of condemnation and judgment of the wicked.

Can Christians be affected by nCov19? 

The short answer is yes.

God purifies His people and attracts them to work out their salvation [Philippians 2:12]

God in the wilderness was both judging the Israelites and purifying those who looked at the brazen serpent (symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus) [John 3:14-15; Numbers 21:4-9]

We need to always look at Jesus and tell the world about Him Crucified [1 Cor 1:23] and resurrected.

Jesus taught us to pray to our Holy Heavenly Father: “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one”. 

Temptations of the believers are meant for purification purposes, not for judgment. 

When we fix our eyes on Jesus and believe and trust in Him we become one in Him with the Father [John 17:21]

Even in His purification process, God doesn’t lead us into temptation beyond what we can bear [1 Cor 10:13] because He is faithful and loving.

Let’s pray, in the name of Jesus, that our Heavenly Father protects us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one.

That our Lord provides the healing to those who are suffering, purifies us with His Love, Grace, and Mercy, and give us always the escape so that we can stand up under temptations and reject the seductions and attacks of the evil one.

Finally, the world is witnessing a hysteria and panic occurring at a universal level, without referring to God or thinking of Him. In other words, the world is falling in great denial that true and honest repentance and believing in Jesus and trusting Him is the key for their salvation both spiritually and physically.

In other words, God is saying wakeup humanity you need to acknowledge that I am the Almighty God. Wakeup and repent of your sins because the day of judgment is getting closer.

Have faith that God is always in control and nothing happens in the universe, and particularly to us, unless it is allowed by God Himself, as it is clear in Luke 12:7 and Luke 21:18. If something is allowed by God, you and I cannot change it. Most importantly, we should not panic. Instead, we should rely on Jesus and trust in Him.

May the blessings of Jesus Christ be with you and His Holy name protect you.