God’s Nature

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©2014 by George Yazigi

Humans tend to think inside the box, putting limits to their system of thinking based on culture, traditions, and ideologies in general.
The first question is how our weak minds can encircle the infinite God and creator? Physically we cannot understand and encircle God with the same minds which sinned against Him! Therefore we need new minds, free of sin, and especially a new thinking outside the box, and retry to understand God both Spiritually, and Physically, as He wants us to learn about His nature.

Because the universe is the Physical translation or projection of God’s creation, it mimics some of God’s physical and spiritual features. Mankind is at the centre of the universe, [Genesis 1:27] is clear about this idea, and openly states that Mankind is created in the Spiritual and Cognitive image of God. But what if we were also created in God’s Physical image? Would this be an option?

[John 4:24] indicates that God is Spirit and should be worshiped in spirit and truth. But this does not deny the fact that God may have some Physical characteristics as well. If the universe has at least 3 dimensions, wouldn’t be logical by analogy to think that God (the creator of the universe) has at least 3 dimensions too? This suggests that we are putting a limit to God, so the limitless becomes measurable, but think again, these dimensions may not be the same algebraic dimensions we are used to (Width, Height, and Depth), these could be thought of as personified dimensions i.e. spiritual dimensions. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit the eternal, infinite, and limitless Almighty God. But why God being one, has 3 co-equal dimensions? Simply put it is His defacto nature. In Physics and Mathematics a single point in space is represented as P(x,y,z), where x, y, and z represent the coordinates of P. Allegorically God is represented as G(Father, Son, Holy Spirit), because God is infinite, eternal, and limitless the assigned values are always equal to infinity. Therefore  G(Father) = G(Son) = G(Holy Spirit) = G(Father, Son, Holy Spirit) = God.

Another allegory, would be drawn from the example of the planet sun, physically in addition to the algebraic dimensions, the sun is experienced as having three dimensions: Light, Heat, and Matter or Mass. We cannot segregate these dimensions as they all are the constituents of the sun. However we experience each dimension differently: we feel the heat, perceive the light, and see the Mass, yet we address them all as the Sun, for example we say: sunbathing to indicate exposure to sunlight, we also say solar panels to indicate converting sun light into electricity, we also say sunburns, suntan, sun heating, sun gravity… All these terminologies refer to the type of reactions the dimensions of the sun could produce, however the sun is not three planets or three objects, it is one planet that is revealed to us in three independent dimensions and each dimension would affect us differently, yet all three are one. (The sun used only as an example)

Another example would be our human nature, we experience life and affect our surrounding in three dimensions too. We have: Body, Mind, and Soul. These three dimensions appear to be independent in many respects: for example learning: is how data, information, and knowledge are absorbed, then transferred to generate more knowledge and wealth, however thinking (Mind) is the main dimension that is responsible of the act of learning, yet your body and soul contribute to the experience. Another example is Love, where data, information, knowledge, and feelings are mixed to produce a sense of gratitude, deep affection, protection, attachment, and belonging, the main dimension that leads this experience would be the soul, however the other two dimensions have their role in generating the feeling of Love. In these short examples I am trying to show that a human being is not three beings, however all acts and reactions are revealed in three dimensions, yet these dimensions are one.

Another analogy would be the existence of water under three different states in the same time and place, this is not say that the members of the Godhead are different states of the same deity, God is not affected by nature to exhibit changes in His states of existence. However the example of water is so striking in terms of resemblance of how one reality such as water can be revealed under three different identities, for example at zero degrees which is 273.16K at 611.2 Pa, also called in physics the triple point, water can exist as Ice (solid), Water (liquid), or Water Vapor (gas)! the three identities are different, have distinct properties and roles, yet the three have the same substance H2O (2 molecules of hydrogen, and one molecule of oxygen), each one of the three identities is called water!

Therefore we do not worship 3 Gods, rather we have experienced God in three persons, yet we worship one and only God whose nature was revealed to us in 3 spiritual dimensions or persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All dimensions are equal in essence, substance, might, and glory, however each dimension is distinct from each other, yet each dimension is the full, complete, and Almighty God.