The Attributes of Christ

Reading Time: 2 minutes

©2014 by George Yazigi

  1. Greatest Love
    Jesus Christ has the greatest Love to all, as it is clear in  [John 15:13], therefore He is the source of infinite love.
  2. Greatest Modesty 
    Christ has shown the greatest Modesty according to [Philippians 2:5-10], how being a glorified God has willingly and of his own decision incarnated in the form of a human being.
  3. Greatest Kindness
    In [Matthew 11:29] Jesus declares how kind and gentle he is, and how simple and easy to learn from Him.
    Jesus was utmost in kindness even when Judas betrayed Him as shown in [Matthew 26:50]
  4. Greatest Power
    The power of Jesus is depicted in [John 1:1-5], He is the creator, in Him everything was done, and without Him nothing could have been done.
    Jesus declares that He has power and life in Himself as clearly illustrated in [John 10:17-18].
  5. Greatest Authority 
    Jesus clearly declares that He owns the utmost authority in heaven and on earth, practically He is the most powerful being as shown in [Matthew 28:18] having top authority. Matthew illustrated Jesus authority over nature in [Matthew 8:27]. Also Jesus has the utmost authority to judge all beings living as well as dead.
    The authority and power of Jesus is revealed in [2 Timothy 1:10] as being the one that abolishes death, He is the giver of everlasting life, and the source of light.
  6. Utmost Beauty
    Jesus Christ is the most beautiful being ever seen, as declared by David in [Psalm 45:2]. Also Solomon describes how Jesus is beautiful and [Song 5:16], he also gives us and idea about the teaching of Jesus, because words come out of his sweet mouth.
  7. Greatest Value
    Paul clearly states that Jesus has the utmost value, and he is willing to lose everything in order to follow Jesus, because everything else is rubbish when compared to gaining Christ as shown in [Philippians 3:8].